What is a personal alarm

what is an attack alarm?

How will a Personal Alarm protect me?

A personal alarm (or rape alarm, as they are better known) is intended to shock and disorientate an attacker, giving you time to get away and call for help.
An effective alarm is easy to carry and loud enough to shock any potential attacker — our wide range of loud, compact and versatile rape alarms is intended to meet these needs, and to offer you great value for money.

Traditional Ripcord Alarms

A traditional alarm is batter powered and comes with a key chain attachment to carry around with you on your keys, they can be attached to clothing such a zips or held in your hand.
At the other end of the key chain is a pin, by pulling this pin the alarm is activated and a powerful siren will sound. To de-activate, replace the pin.
All our alarms are easy to carry, compact and loud enough to shock any potential attacker.Some come with additional features such as torches, UV lights and test / panic buttons.
Our Dual Defender range even comes with two sirens which both blast out a powerful siren at slightly different frequencies to give an incredibly effective result.
Simply having one in an easy reach place can offer you peace of mind in any situation where you might feel unsafe.

Alarms for the elderly

We have developed several alarms which are suitable for the elderly which are activated with a panic button instead of traditional ripcord activation. 
These are designed as permanent fixtures which are attached to mobility aids such as walking sticks, walking frames or wheelchairs to enable people with limited mobility to set off an alarm in case they need help or feel threatened.
We have also developed a wrist alarm which means the alarm is always to hand, quite literally. This alarm also features a panic button instead of ripcord activation.

Bag / Purse Alarms

Our range of bag alarms are designed to alert the user if their bag or purse is being taken.
They work by having a double ended attachment. One end will have a key chain attachment which is attached to the bag or purse, the other end will have a lanyard with a G-clip or key chain attachment which is attached to your clothing or you can hold it in your hand.
This end has the pin release.
Once activated the alarm will remain on the bag and will sound a powerful alarm meaning thieves are likely to drop the bag to get away from the sound. The alarm will also make people turn around to see what is happening which is more likely to allow the Police to get a better description of the thief if they do get away.
We also supply a range of bag theft prevention accessories have been developed and used by the Police during bag theft campaigns.
Our Purse Bells have received countless news stories and have helped the Police and security guards catch thieves red handed.
Have a look through our range to see which is more suitable for your needs or call our customer support for further advice on 01352 736125.