Staying Safe on a Night Out

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Staying Safe on a Night Out

Thames Valley Police have listed some top tips for staying safe on a night out.

1. Make sure you have arranged your way home, either agree a designated driver with your group of friends, arrange for someone to come and collect your or pre-book a taxi with a licensed taxi firm. You could also stay over at a friend's house.

2. Stash some cash in case you lose your purse or wallet.

3. Save an ICE (in Case of Emergency) number on your phone and make sure its fully charged.

4. Eat a meal before you go out - never drink on an empty stomach.

5. During the night stick together with your mates, keep an eye on each other. This includes men too!

6. Make sure that valuables such as cash and mobile phones are not on display.

7. Always leave a bar or club with a friend or group of mates. Leaving alone makes you look vulnerable to onlookers.

8. Before you get in a taxi, always check the name of the person they have come to collect. Don't volunteer the information first.

9. If you have to use public transport, try to sit near the driver or other people. Don't sit on the upper deck or an empty area. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, tell the driver or guard.

10. Avoid walking alone - if you have to stick to well-lit and busy areas. This applies to both men and women.

11. Stay well clear of dark alleyways, subways and car parks. Avoid any dimly-lit or deserted area.

12. Make sure you know your route home.

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