National Personal Safety Day


Advice for Estate Agents

Estate agents spend are open to risk due to the amount of time they spend alone, showing strangers around empty properties. To minimise those risks, the Suzy Lamplugh Trust have put together the following advice:

1. Always keep a record of the clients details and make sure a colleague has access to these records. Make sure colleagues know where you're going and who you are meeting. 

2. Always try to check a client's authenticity before you agree to meet them, e.g calling their workplace.

3. If in doubt ask a colleague to accompany you to the property.

4. Consider logging clients in and out by calling the office to say "I'm at X address, Mr Y has just arrived, we'll be approx 20 minutes, will call the office as soon as we're finished."

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Staying Safe when you're out and about

1. When you're out and about on the streets, plan ahead and think about how you're going to get home. Use well lit streets and avoid danger spots. Stay alert by not using mobile phones or wear headphones. If you think you're being followed walk confidently towards other people or into a shop, garage or pub etc. Consider using a personal safety alarm. 

2. If using public transport such as trains and buses, check the times of the trains before setting off to avoid standing around alone. If you do have to stand alone, wait in a well lit area. Have your ticket ready so your wallet is not in sight. Stay close to the driver if you feel unsure so you can easily call for help. 

3. If you use taxis or minicabs, make sure they're licensed. Remember if a mini-cab picks up a fare on the street without being pre-booked they are illegal, un-insured and potentially highly dangerous. 

4. When booking a taxi or mini-cab, ask for the drivers name and the make and colour of the car. Confirm the drivers details when they arrive, is this the mini-cab you ordered? If you are at all worried, ask the driver to stop in a busy area and get out of the car. If the driver refuses to stop use your mobile to dial 999 or alert other drivers by waving at them or calling out of the window. 

On a night out

1. If you're drinking alcohol be careful not to let it affect your judgment or your ability to take care of yourself. Know your limit. 

2. Watch your food and drink from spiking. If something tastes odd, do not drink or eat any more of it. 

3. If you feel particularly strange after a drink including soft drinks, or realise you have drunk too much, tell a friend immediately and make sure you are accompanied home by your own group.

4. Plan your journey home. Do not walk home alone unless you have no other choice. If so, use well-lit streets and tell a friend the route you plan to take and tell them you will let them know when you reach your destination.

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